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WEB PAGES for Browsers:

Network ICE Desktop Intrusion Protection Technology
ISS Internet Security Systems
CeloCom Digital Signatures for Internet Transactions
SYBERGEN Distributed Firewal and Internet Connection Sharing
LEAK TEST Gibson Research - THE place to start for security issues !
CERT Computer Emergency Response Team, Pittsburgh, Pa
CERT Alerts Recent Alerts and Warnings
Bulletins and Digests Computer Incident Advisory Capbility [ US Dept of Energy ]
COAST Computer Operations, Audit, and Security Technology
NAVY Infosec United States Navy Information Systems
Root Shell Live, up to the minute (H/Cr)acker attacks and attempts
CSRC Computer Security Resource Clearinghouse
FCIRC Federal Computer Incident Response Capability
DDNIC Department of Defense Network Information Center
DDNIC Bulletins SECURITY Bulletins

USER Groups for News Readers:

alt.2600 H/Cr acking exploits, newbies, more noise than signal here
alt.2600.crackz distribution point for cracks and wares
alt.2600.hackerz similar to alt.2600 roughly equivalent to [general computer security]
alt.hackers.malicious DoS, cracking, viruses.  Focus is to do Damage to their targets for the Truly Paranoid Pretty Good Privacy [debates on cryptography ] first place that JAVA security defects WILL appear ! more activity than would be thought  [ interesting info here ] NOTEWORTHY and WORTHWHILE
microsoft.public.cryptpapi weaknesses in MS's Crypto API


Loki's page programs and doc files to attack 95 and NT boxes
ROOTKIT for an education beyond compare
2600 the Hacker Quarterly

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List Servers and Sites Regarding Security and H/C rackers:

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Ultimate Privacy
CodeTalker's Site - news and education

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